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Studio Items Now Available

Studio "bling" shirts (for women and girls), t-shirts and capris/board shorts!

En Avant Studio polo shirts, camisoles, dance bags, shorts and car decals.

Contact the office for details on options and pricing; personalization available on some items.

Where to buy?

For students in Preschool and Primary Levels, we recommend stores such as Target, WalMart, and Academy for dancewear.

Dance shoes are available at Payless Shoes (ABT brand).  Dance shoes purchased between Sept and December, may be purchased 1/2 (one-half) size larger to allow for growth.

For students in Intermediate and Advanced Levels and Adults:
Dance Trends (www.dancetrendshouston.com, 14520 Memorial Dr #106) is familiar with our requirements and has a good selection of in-stock dancewear including leotards, tights, skirts and ballet and tap shoes
Or order online:
- All About Dance http://www.allaboutdance.com/
- Dance Distributors http://www.dancedistributors.com/
- Dancewear Solutions, Click here for the direct link for En Avant to receive credit (no id# required), use this link from our site every time you make a purchase
- Discount Dance Supply http://www.discountdance.com/, ID#TP41354
All of these companies offer discounts on dancewear, sizing charts and a minimal fee for exchanges due to size, etc...

How to care for your dancewear

Ballet and Tap shoes should never be worn outside.
Please be sure to wear street shoes when coming or leaving.

We recommend labeling the inside of all shoes with the student's initials with a laundry marker for easy identification.  Please do not mark the outside (including the sole) of the shoes in any way.

Dancewear (leotards & tights) should be washed only in cold water, on the delicate cycle with Woolite.  They should never be put in the dryer, but leotards should be hung to dry and tights should be laid flat on a drying rack (this prevents stretching and mishaping).

Costumes - To keep tutus full, hang them upside down.

If tap students would like to practice at home, we recommend a sheet of plywood on the floor of the garage or a portable practice floor may be purchased from Stagestep.  This prevents damage to the shoes and to mom's linoleum and marble!  Check shoes regularly for missing or loosened nails/screws.  Taps should be a little loose, but nails/screws should not extend below the tap or they will tear up the dance floor.

See your class brochure for details/requirements



Special Dancers

Preteens & Teens

HS Beginner


Demi-Pointe and Pointe Students:

All demi-pointe and pointe students are required to purchase The Pointe Book by Janice Barringer (available thru the studio)
All pointe* shoe fittings must be made by appointment by either:
Lisa at Dance Trends, 14520 Memorial Dr #106, 281-558-1400; or by Michelle (via appointment) at Jazz Rags, 25701 I-45N, Ste 10A (just north of Sawdust, in The Woodlands), 281-364-1600.
*Note:  Demi-pointe shoes do not require an appointment and are only available at Dance Trends and Jazz Rags.